Negrira stood against Barcelona .. Paris Saint-Germain’s Raimontada came with arbitration assistance

The former vice-chairman of the arbitration committee, Jose Negrera, said that the referee of the return match in Champions League, between Paris Germain and Barcelona, ​​was cooperating with the latter.

Barcelona succeeded in winning the Camp Nou, over Paris Saint-Germain 6-1, after defeating in the first leg 4-0, and crossing the 16th round of the 2017 Champions League.

And the Spanish media network “EFE” revealed a report issued by Negrera, explaining the arbitration errors that helped Barcelona win the return match against Paris Saint-Germain.

In the report, Negrera acknowledges two decisive games that changed the course of the match, first: a penalty kick taken by Javier Mascherano in the 84th minute, and another on Luis Suarez in the 89th minute, and they were not punished.

He also confirmed in the report that the penalty kick against Neymar in the 47th minute, immediately after the start of the second half, which made the score 3-0, “was severe.”

It is worth noting that Barcelona was eliminated from the Champions League in the 2017 season, from the quarter-finals, after defeating Juventus 3-0, the outcome of the two matches.

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