“Manchester City’s relegation” tops the English newspapers

English newspapers published this morning, Saturday, focused on the possible penalties imposed on Manchester City, in addition to highlighting Everton’s anger at being punished by deducting 10 points from their score in the Premier League.

The Daily Star newspaper headlined: “I am part of City until we fall… I will stay even if we become stuck in the First Division, according to Pep,” referring to Guardiola’s statements.

At the bottom, I wrote: “Klopp is planning a physical epic,” referring to the Liverpool-City summit today.

The Daily Express newspaper headlined: “Ready to fight… losing points will motivate us, according to Deitch,” referring to the statements of the Everton coach.

On the side, I wrote: “Pep will not go anywhere if City are relegated.”

At the top, I wrote: “Trent believes in the Reds’ ability to turn the tables on the champion,” referring to Trent Alexander-Arnold’s statements before today’s clash with Manchester City.

As the Times newspaper headlined: “Pep: The world wants us to go down.”

She also wrote: “Djokovic was angered by the shameful behavior of doping testers.”

In turn, the Daily Mail newspaper headlined: “This is not fair…Everton coach Dyche is angry at the ten-point deduction.”

On the side, she wrote: “Now Arteta is joining the calls to show more respect for referees.”

For its part, the Telegraph newspaper headlined: “Everyone wants us to be punished,” in reference to Guardiola’s statements.

She also wrote: “The rise of Nicholas Jackson… from playing barefoot in street matches to Stamford Bridge in 6 years.”