Everton coach: What happened to us surprised everyone

Everton coach Shane Dyche said that he was not aware of the possibility of his team being subjected to new sanctions that might double its suffering in the English Premier League.

Everton was punished by deducting 10 points from its score due to committing violations of financial regulations in the tournament, dropping to the penultimate place in the competition standings with 4 points, 5 points behind the safety positions.

All Premier League clubs must submit their accounts to the Competition Association by December 31.

Everton is preparing to file an appeal against the penalty of deducting 10 points from its score, tomorrow, Friday.

Sources from Everton told the British News Agency that there was nothing worrisome regarding the club’s latest set of financial accounts, while Dyche said that the club was only focusing on one issue at a time.

“I certainly haven’t been told anything other than what has happened so far,” Deitch said.

He added, “We were astonished. I think the football community was astonished by the result of the points deduction. Who knows what will come next?”

“The way it looks from the noise out there, it’s not just about us, there are probably others that will be looked at over time. We’ll have to wait and see.”

He noted, “I think the final facts of what happened are that we stop and move forward, but we will not start worrying about those possibilities.”

At the end of his speech, Deitch stressed, “The ten points do not currently exist, so we have to see what is left of them and continue working on them. We just have to be prepared for what comes next as best as we can.”