Manchester City trial date set

An English press report confirmed on Thursday evening that a date for the Manchester City trial has been set for late next year.

According to the Daily Mail, the English Premier League and Manchester City have agreed on a date in which they will face an independent committee, in the largest hearing in the history of the competition, in late 2024.

Citi was charged with 115 alleged violations of financial regulations last February, after an investigation into the matter was opened in 2018.
Throughout the recent period, the League and Manchester City remained silent, and both refused to comment.

Those with knowledge of the situation believe, according to the newspaper, that the conclusion may not be reached until the end of next season, which is when the current contract of City coach Pep Guardiola is set to expire.

The newspaper added that the case has now entered the stage of taking statements from witnesses, and this is likely to remain the case until next spring.

If the trial is carried out on time, the verdict will likely occur around the summer of 2025.

But there is the possibility of further delaying the proceedings, and City may explore further avenues if found guilty, although he will not be able to go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The charges include allegations over financial reporting and failure to cooperate with the Premier League investigation that was opened in 2018. City denies any wrongdoing.

Everton was accused of violating financial rules last March, a month after the accusations against City were announced, and 10 points were deducted from their league score, which the club appealed.